Sweet potato: super food and star product of Fernández Montero y Leal!

Sweet potato: super food and star product of Fernández Montero y Leal!

We are currently in full sweet potato campaign mode, one of our star products. Year after year, we can see how sweet potatoes, one of the worlds most renowned and most consumed crops (only wheat, rice and corn are consumed more!), are becoming increasingly more popular in Northern and Western Europe. Which is not to be surprised: sweet potatoes are very nutritious, low in calories and show various beneficial effects on health.

Discovered by Columbus  

Sweet potatoes (scientific name: Solanum tuberosum) is a dicotyledonous plant which belongs to the Convolvulaceae family. They were grown for the first time some 7.000 years ago on the Andean High Plateau and it was Christopher Columbus who brought them from the New World to Europe.

Sweet potatoes and potatoes are very much alike. Both belong to the same family, yet sweet potatoes are longer and have white or fluffy orange flesh. We grow the beauregard variety with orange flesh.

Super food  

Undoubtedly, sweet potatoes are a super food and an excellent choice for those who want to cater for their health. They are extremely nutritious and easy to digest. They contain more vitamins than potatoes and are the only low-calorie food rich in fibres and vitamin E, which helps to prevent cancers, strokes, heart and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, sweet potatoes are rich in potassium, which helps to control blood pressure. Lastly, frequent consumption of sweet potatoes helps to eliminate toxic substances, stimulates blood circulation and prevents digestive system infections.

What’s for dinner? Sweet potato!

Now, how do you prepare sweet potatoes? Sweet potatoes have one of the highest satiety index scores per calorie, for which it is usually served with meat and fish. Or even in desserts. We’d like to share one of our secret family recipes with you: oven-baked sweet potatoe. A sweet, yet at the same time healthy snack! Enjoy!

  1. Clean the sweet potatoes with some cold water (remove, if necessary, any dirt)
  2. Wrap them in aluminium foil. Make sure that the ends are tightly closed.
  3. Place the sweet potatoes in a deep recipient and put them in the oven
  4. Bake them for 40 minutes at 220°C
  5. After some 20 minutes, turn over the potatoes (unless you have a hot air oven)
  6. Check with a knife or a needle whether the sweet potatoes are cooked
  7. Are your sweet potatoes ready? Take them out of the oven and don’t forget to turn it off
  8. For those who like things extra sweet: add some sugar

One last advice: keep your sweet potatoes somewhere dark and dry (not in the fridge!).


08 December 2015